About Us

As a small business based in London, we pride ourselves in sourcing the best quality fashion at the best prices. 

We work closely with designers and manufactures in based in the UK , allowing us to supply the most unique and stylish items all year round!

*Some items are sourced from outside the UK, to allow us a variety of products at all different prices*


Our small team are dedicated to supplying the best customer service, and always want to hear your feedback! So don't be shy! Get in touch!

And our main aim? To grow to the point where we are able to give back to causes close to our heart. Donations to those less fortunate and really making a difference for others is where we aim to be and with your help, you can rest assured that every purchase is going towards a good cause.


Want to be part of the team?

We are constantly looking for people to help promote, model and work with us to help us get to our goal! Interested?

Please pop us an email at info@vecandco.co.uk